Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reflections of Summer... Now That Fall Has Arrived- August

I told you I would bombard you with blog posts... sorry for the overload.  Posting over 4 posts in a day has to be a record!

August went as quickly as it came.  The newest development in August, aside from a growing Baby #2, was putting pigtails in Evelyn's hair!  It was an exciting moment to see her transform into a big girl, just by adding two of this tiniest hair ties in her hair!  Here was the result!

Another exciting development was Evelyn's mastery of the alphabet.  For some time, she's been singing her ABC's but over the summer she really started to recognize all of the letters (both uppercase and lowercase).  Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was when she brought me her MagnaDoodle and said, "Mama, look, an E!"  Sure enough, Evelyn had written an E, in almost perfect form all by herself, with no prompting from me.  It was a proud day for sure!

A little something else I learned in August... Evelyn walks in 2 1/2 inch heels with much more poise than me!

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