Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reflections of Summer... Now That Fall Has Arrived- June

I seem to be in the habit of not writing for months on end.  Then I hit a blogging spurt (or have a few precious moments of time to myself) and I post a bunch of posts all at once.  The downside of blogging in this manner is that the events have come and gone and you as the reader don't get to enjoy the events as they are happening!  The upside for me is that I get to take a trip down memory lane (I'm always in awe of how quickly Evelyn grows... I don't usually notice it until I look back, because I'm always living in the moment with her).

This summer was busy for us.  We were able to travel quite a bit.  It was a gift to spend time visiting family all over the United States.  In June we visited my brother, Jared in Dallas, TX and extended our trip in the South to visit with Joe's sister, Sr. Mary John Paul (at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery) in Hanceville, Alabama.  Here are some photos from the vacation.

Evelyn rocking her cowgirl boots 
At the Ft. Worth Zoo in Texas 
At the Ft. Worth Zoo
Rebecca, Evelyn and Uncle Jared at the Dallas Aquarium
Joe, Evelyn and Uncle Jared at the Dallas Aquarium 
An attempt at a family photo! 
Hanging out with Uncle Jared
Visiting Sr. in the parlor 
Kisses through the grill
Outside the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery
Outside the pilgrim house
Visiting with Sr. in the parlor 
Cousins: Kylie and Evelyn 
Over Father's Day weekend, we joined the Skillman family for a camping trip near Lake Chelan in Washington.  It was our very first camping experience with Evelyn.  Thankfully, the rain stayed away and we had nothing but sunny skies and windy days.  It was a bit of an adjustment (sleeping in a tent, that is) for Evelyn that first night, but the second night was much easier.  Hopefully, we can attempt to camp again next summer!

Evelyn's 2nd Birthday capped off the month of June for us.  We had a lovely gathering with friends at our house to celebrate her special day.  Fresh off the heels of our trip from Texas, we threw Evelyn a cowgirl party, complete with cowboy hats as favors for our guests!

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