Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reflections of Summer... Now That Fall Has Arrived- July

July came quickly, but didn't bring summer.  Usually, we can count on "summer" arriving in Seattle around July 4th.  While all our East Coast and Midwest family roasted on Independence Day, we hit a whopping 67 degrees in the Pacific Northwest.  We were grateful for the sunshine though, even though it didn't last!

My parents came and visited us during July.  Evelyn spent much of the time learning how to make coffee and use an iphone.  Two things her mother still needs to learn how to do!  After they left, we also had a chance to take Evelyn to her first Mariner's baseball game at Safeco Field.  She still talks about how the Moose mascot bounced on its head during the 7th Inning Stretch.

First Belly Shot of Baby #2- 18 weeks
Grammie prefers Dunkin' Donuts... take note, E
iphone 101- except Evelyn was the instructor
If you're old enough to use an iphone, you're old enough for glasses
First Mariner's Game as a family
30th Birthday picture with Baby #2

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