Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Evelyn's Going To Be A Big Sister!

So here's what I was going to post to the blog in May... it is now October!  So much for writing again soon...  I'm leaving the original post untouched, just so you can enjoy reading it as if it was still May and summer was yet to come!

This post should explain why I failed to post much in April and nothing until today in May!

On April 11, I discovered that I was PREGNANT!  It was certainly a wonderful Easter Blessing.  However, with the blessing of this new little life, came all the joys and trials of another pregnancy.  I was absolutely exhausted for the first 8 weeks of the pregnancy and the nausea was a constant reminder of the new baby's very real presence!

Needless to say, I reorganized my priorities just a little.  Evelyn and Cora still needed to be cared for, but I also had to care for myself (clearly blogging, some housework and even preparing meals at times, fell by the wayside).  It has been nice to have the girls as my focus during the day, I'm too busy to wallow in first trimester struggles!

I'm 11 weeks and 2 days today and feeling much better.  With the promise of second trimester in the near future (God-willing), I'm comforted in knowing that I'll have even more energy soon.  I already feel less tired and nauseous; what a blessing!

Joe and I haven't made our pregnancy public on Facebook quite yet, we'd like to wait until we're in the 2nd trimester to do that, but we wanted to share the news here on our blog!  This baby is due December 17th!  We are so anxious to meet our little miracle!

This is how I told Joe of our 2nd baby's impending arrival:

Joe was slightly perplexed.  He thought it was junk mail from the hospital, suggesting that we should be thinking about having another baby.  Once I explained that it was not junk mail, he was beyond excited!

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