Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Walking Wonder!

Since May 3, Evelyn has been taking a couple of steps at a time, cautiously letting go of one piece of furniture and reaching out to catch herself on another.  Watching her taking steps by herself has been a joy for us all.  We have held her hands when furniture is hard to come by and she happily walks along beside us (actually, she usually steps in front of us, fearlessly leading the way)!

Last Friday was a break through day for Evelyn; she took at least 4 steps on her own as we watched in awe.  Of course, we always imagined her first real steps to be memorable because she was walking toward me or Joe!  As usual, our daughter had something different and perhaps more memorable planned.  Evelyn chose to take her first real steps walking away from us and toward a blue trash bag, full of dirty diapers (waiting to be taken out to the trash)... how proud we were!! :)

Fast forward 5 days to today and Evelyn's 11 month birthday; now she is walking all over the room and moving like she's been walking for weeks (how did that happen so quickly?).  With every step she takes she's more sure of herself and clearly feeling like an independent little lady.  She still crawls when she needs to get somewhere fast, but with every passing hour, she seems to be more taken with walking.

As I watch my little girl grow before my eyes, I'm realizing that her days left in infancy are short and that she's all too rapidly becoming a toddler!  I'm off to enjoy many more of these precious moments!  I'll post a walking video soon!  Happy 11 Month Birthday, Evelyn.  We love you so much!
Look Mom, no hands!  Ready to take off.

Apparently, something about this 11 month photo shoot is funny!

"Clap, clap, clap!"  Evelyn loves to clap on demand!  Here's to 11 months of photos with Bunny!

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