Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imperfect Blog for an Imperfect World!

The months continue to race by and we have all we can do to keep up with Little Miss Evelyn!  The blog has quickly fallen by the wayside and I'm afraid I just haven't posted much of anything in the last nine months.  I have recorded all of Evelyn's many developments in short form on our family calendar (easier than pulling out her baby book every other day) and in long form (37 pages and counting...) in a Word document!  With all of that said, I'm quite embarrassed by my inability to keep up with the blogging.

When I decided to blog last August, I had really hoped to take off running and create a beautiful work of art that everyone would want to read (I was hoping for perfection- perfect stories, perfect pictures).  I read many other blogs that are skillfully adorned with family photos and catchy stories.  I guess I hoped that mine would resemble those blogs, right from the get go!  By laying out such lofty expectations for myself, I inadvertently paralyzed my own creative muscles.  The result- 3 posts in 9 months and refusing to share our blog address with anyone but my parents!

So, I'm turning a new leaf.  After plenty of gentle nudges from friends and family, I'm going to start sharing this address and going to do my best to keep up with this imperfect blog!  Here's an imperfect, but adorable image to end this post.
Evelyn reading her book... it's upside down, Baby Girl!

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  1. Ha - LOVE this pic ..... LOVE this post! I will more than glady join you in this "imperfect" world .... as my blog too - is imperfect. As I have yet to launch it after 9 mths of planning! Ah .... one day - I SWEAR :-)