Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Silence is Anything But Golden

Evelyn has mastered crawling and is well on her way to walking these days.  With this newfound mobility comes newfound freedom!  She is curious, so leaving her to her own devises for mere minutes can prove troublesome!

Last night, Evelyn and I had to go to church (I teach class on Monday nights) together, because Joe wasn't home.  I didn't want to come home to a messy kitchen, so I decided to do the dishes before getting Evelyn ready for bed.  Evelyn sat on the kitchen floor playing, while I cleared the table, then I saw her crawl down the hallway, and turn into the bathroom.

I wasn't worried about her being in the bathroom; I knew the toilet lid was closed and there was no water in the tub. Usually, when she heads to the bathroom, she crawls to the tub, stands up and holds onto the side.  She likes to play with the shampoo bottles that are on the edge.  Soon after she crawled out of sight, I heard the sound of her banging the plastic shampoo bottles against the side of the tub.  This sound told me she was keeping busy and staying out of trouble... so I washed the last few dishes.

When I turned off the water at the kitchen sink, I heard only silence coming from the bathroom.  When your child is playing out of your sight, silence is usually not golden!  I ran down the hall to find Evelyn quietly sitting on the bathroom floor, surrounded by toilet paper!  She had pulled the ENTIRE roll of toilet paper off the holder and managed to unroll almost all of it in less than two minutes.  She looked up to find me standing there in shock.  She had the biggest grin on her face.  She was clearly proud of her achievement.  So much for thinking that she couldn't get into trouble in the bathroom (and I thought we had "Baby Proofed")!  All I could do was hold back my laughter, pick up most of the paper and run for the camera.  These pictures were taken after I picked up some of the paper!

"Would you like some toilet paper, Mom?"
"Should I roll it back up for you?"

Guilty... but cute!

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