Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A September Post For Good Measure

In late August/early September, summer actually came to Seattle!  Just in time for us to spend Labor Day weekend in Massachusetts for a friend's wedding!  Evelyn was really excited to fly on an airplane again.  As I mentioned earlier, my parents came to town in July and Evelyn was devastated when we dropped them off at the airport (mostly because she realized she wasn't going on an airplane with them).  This happened to her again in August when my brother, cousin Jeff, and his wife Kate came to visit and then left on an airplane to head home, without Evelyn.  Luckily, when Matt, Jeff and Kate left, Evelyn only had to wait two days to get on an airplane herself.  So at least her devastation was short lived!
Ready for flight!
Evelyn had a terrific time with Grammie and Grandpa in Massachusetts.  We had a fabulous time at my friend Jess' wedding!  Seeing family and spending time with friends from home was such a gift.  We were only sorry the trip was so short.
Kendra, Rebecca and Kate at the corn roast
Say cheese and eat cheese- My cousin Kendra, Evelyn and me
Bridal Party and the Bride!
Rehearsal dinner
Getting ready for Jess' big day
Together again- Rebecca, Jessica and Melissa
With the blushing bride
Me and Joe
The Happy Couple- Congratulations Mr. and Dr. Bailey
Everyone needs a cold drink 
Christensen/Sosinski Reunion- Lilly meets Evelyn :)
Evelyn getting Uncle Matt's and Grandpa's noses
Tickle Fight
 When we came home, we took Evelyn's crib rail down once and for all.  As you may recall, we tried this back when she was only 21 months old and she just wasn't ready.  This time was MUCH, MUCH easier and permanent!

Evelyn also had her first experience at the Puyallup Fair with our friends Anna and Gus.  She 
thoroughly enjoyed the rides and the sites!  

At the end of the month, we took a much needed trip back to Michigan to spend some quality time with Joe's family and a few close friends.  Joe's grandfather passed away on September 21, so it was really special to be home with family to celebrate Grandpa's long life and to honor him.  Evelyn had fun reconnecting with her cousins and galavanting in her grandparents' yard (she went apple picking, watched the cows, and even enjoyed a campfire).  We also had a nice time visiting with our dear friends, the Dykstra's, who recently moved back to Michigan after having lived in Washington.

Dykstra/Sosinski Reunion
Grandma, Braden, Kylie and Evelyn
Fun on the porch swing 
The essence of fall... fun with cousins on Grandpa's farm
Evelyn, Grandma and Grandpa 
Joe with his parents and Evelyn

Reflections of Summer... Now That Fall Has Arrived- August

I told you I would bombard you with blog posts... sorry for the overload.  Posting over 4 posts in a day has to be a record!

August went as quickly as it came.  The newest development in August, aside from a growing Baby #2, was putting pigtails in Evelyn's hair!  It was an exciting moment to see her transform into a big girl, just by adding two of this tiniest hair ties in her hair!  Here was the result!

Another exciting development was Evelyn's mastery of the alphabet.  For some time, she's been singing her ABC's but over the summer she really started to recognize all of the letters (both uppercase and lowercase).  Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was when she brought me her MagnaDoodle and said, "Mama, look, an E!"  Sure enough, Evelyn had written an E, in almost perfect form all by herself, with no prompting from me.  It was a proud day for sure!

A little something else I learned in August... Evelyn walks in 2 1/2 inch heels with much more poise than me!

Reflections of Summer... Now That Fall Has Arrived- July

July came quickly, but didn't bring summer.  Usually, we can count on "summer" arriving in Seattle around July 4th.  While all our East Coast and Midwest family roasted on Independence Day, we hit a whopping 67 degrees in the Pacific Northwest.  We were grateful for the sunshine though, even though it didn't last!

My parents came and visited us during July.  Evelyn spent much of the time learning how to make coffee and use an iphone.  Two things her mother still needs to learn how to do!  After they left, we also had a chance to take Evelyn to her first Mariner's baseball game at Safeco Field.  She still talks about how the Moose mascot bounced on its head during the 7th Inning Stretch.

First Belly Shot of Baby #2- 18 weeks
Grammie prefers Dunkin' Donuts... take note, E
iphone 101- except Evelyn was the instructor
If you're old enough to use an iphone, you're old enough for glasses
First Mariner's Game as a family
30th Birthday picture with Baby #2

Reflections of Summer... Now That Fall Has Arrived- June

I seem to be in the habit of not writing for months on end.  Then I hit a blogging spurt (or have a few precious moments of time to myself) and I post a bunch of posts all at once.  The downside of blogging in this manner is that the events have come and gone and you as the reader don't get to enjoy the events as they are happening!  The upside for me is that I get to take a trip down memory lane (I'm always in awe of how quickly Evelyn grows... I don't usually notice it until I look back, because I'm always living in the moment with her).

This summer was busy for us.  We were able to travel quite a bit.  It was a gift to spend time visiting family all over the United States.  In June we visited my brother, Jared in Dallas, TX and extended our trip in the South to visit with Joe's sister, Sr. Mary John Paul (at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery) in Hanceville, Alabama.  Here are some photos from the vacation.

Evelyn rocking her cowgirl boots 
At the Ft. Worth Zoo in Texas 
At the Ft. Worth Zoo
Rebecca, Evelyn and Uncle Jared at the Dallas Aquarium
Joe, Evelyn and Uncle Jared at the Dallas Aquarium 
An attempt at a family photo! 
Hanging out with Uncle Jared
Visiting Sr. in the parlor 
Kisses through the grill
Outside the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery
Outside the pilgrim house
Visiting with Sr. in the parlor 
Cousins: Kylie and Evelyn 
Over Father's Day weekend, we joined the Skillman family for a camping trip near Lake Chelan in Washington.  It was our very first camping experience with Evelyn.  Thankfully, the rain stayed away and we had nothing but sunny skies and windy days.  It was a bit of an adjustment (sleeping in a tent, that is) for Evelyn that first night, but the second night was much easier.  Hopefully, we can attempt to camp again next summer!

Evelyn's 2nd Birthday capped off the month of June for us.  We had a lovely gathering with friends at our house to celebrate her special day.  Fresh off the heels of our trip from Texas, we threw Evelyn a cowgirl party, complete with cowboy hats as favors for our guests!