Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to the World Evelyn Rose!

Evelyn Rose Sosinski
June 25, 2010
7lbs. 8oz.; 20"
Our first family picture
If we had started this blog a few months ago, we probably would have announced the birth of our daughter in a more timely manner!  I guess now is better than never!  So, welcome to the world Evelyn Rose; we love you so much!

In the beginning

Hi there!  So, after much thought and careful consideration, we have decided to start a blog.  We hope to share our journey with all of you by posting our pictures, thoughts and stories.  We pray that this blog will help to bring us all closer together in spirit, even if we're physically thousands of miles apart!  And so it begins!!

Love and prayers,
Joe, Rebecca and Baby Evelyn