Saturday, February 2, 2013

Six Weeks of Pictures with Bunny

When Evelyn was born, I decided to take a picture of her every week with a stuffed animal (for the first several months of her life, then I took photos monthly) so I could document how quickly she grew.  I chose to photograph her with a cute little bunny.  I didn't start taking Evelyn's pictures until week 3.  This time, I started right at week 1 with Sam.  Here's what I have so far!  It's amazing how much he's changed in six weeks time!

one week old- December 27, 2012
two weeks old- January 3, 2013
three weeks old-January 10, 2013
four weeks old- January 17, 2013
one month old- January 20, 2013
five weeks old- January 24, 2013
six weeks old- January 31, 2013

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