Saturday, February 2, 2013

"I Really Like Sam's House"

These were the precious words Evelyn uttered to me the morning she and Joe came to the hospital to take me and Sam home!  Evelyn was sitting next to me on the hospital bed helping to hold Baby Sam when she said, "I really like Sam's house,  Mama."  She genuinely believed that Sam's home was the hospital.  I had to gently correct her and let her know that this was in fact the hospital and only a temporary home for Sam.  I wasn't sure how she would receive the news that Samuel would actually be coming home with us.  Surprisingly, Evelyn's only response to that news was a defeated, "Ohhh...," and then "okay, I like Baby Sam."

Six weeks have now passed since that Friday we took Samuel home from the hospital.  The reality of Sam as a member of this family has really set in for Evelyn and she for the most part, is loving this new way of life.  Many people have asked me how Evelyn is adjusting to her new role as a big sister and I am pleased to announce that she really enjoys having a baby brother and has been very helpful and loving over that last month.  We're still trying to fine tune our routine to accommodate Samuel, while simultaneously trying to stay true to Evelyn's old routine.  This is definitely a work in progress.  Thankfully, Samuel has been fairly easy-going (as much as a newborn can be) and that's allowed us to get into the groove.

Evelyn loves to give her brother kisses and hugs (and occasionally comes close to smothering Sam with affection) and to "play" with him whenever possible.  Our biggest challenge is trying to get her to leave him alone when he's trying to sleep... sometimes she just can't resist giving him a peck on the cheek or patting his head.  She'll say, "just one kiss, Mama," or "just a little hug."  As if to say, "I'm not asking for much, Mom."

Evelyn loves to run and get the Boppy pillow when its time for me to nurse Sam and is quick to run for the pacifier when Sam cries (sadly, Sam's not interested in the pacifier, so when Evelyn attempts to put it in his mouth, he only gets more agitated)!  Multiple times, we've seen Evelyn grab her baby doll and place it next to Sam while he sleeps, so that he can have company.

Sam in his lamb chair and Baby Doll in her new car seat
Sam and Evelyn's baby doll
I'm so grateful for her willingness to help me out. She truly is Mommy's Little Helper 99% of the day (1% of the day she'll have a meltdown or do something that's a little less helpful)!  She'll grab water for me while I'm nursing or go and get my cell phone for me when I can't get up to answer it!  Evelyn loves to help me fold laundry now (I'm thankful because it seems like the chore that never ends), and especially likes to fold the washcloths.  She also has been a huge help in the kitchen (even when help is not solicited or necessarily "helpful").  

Cooking with Mom
Evelyn helping to bread the chicken for dinner

As we've settled into life as a family of four, Evelyn has settled into her role as "Sam's big sister," and grown up seemingly over night.  I'm amazed at how quickly she went from being our baby girl to our little lady.  As I write these words, Sam is cradled in my lap, in the very position Evelyn was in two and a half years ago.  How time flies!  I'm so proud of our big girl and what a beautiful big sister she is to Sam!

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