Monday, January 16, 2012

Just The Three Of Us!

Every woman needs girl friends, especially a woman who doesn't have sisters of her own.  Growing up without sisters myself, I've always treasured the relationships I've had with my girl friends.  Two of my closest girl friends, Jess and Melissa, are women I met while rowing at Holy Cross.  Jess and I met freshman year... way back in 2000 and the two of us met Melissa in 2001.  I'd love to share pictures with you from our sophomore year, but that was before I had a digital camera, so I'd have to scan the pictures in!  Instead, I'll just share one of my favorite pictures from the three of us together during our final week as college seniors.

May 2004
After being almost inseparable for three years in college (crew seemed to consume our lives... in a good way), we went our separate ways after graduation.  Jess and Melissa stayed in New England and I went off to explore the great Midwest as a volunteer teacher in Chicago.  The distance was tough, but we managed to keep in touch despite our busy post-college lives.

In 2005, Melissa joined me in Chicago when she started law school.  It was a wonderful to be back in the same city with an old friend again!  Around the same time, Jess began medical school in Massachusetts and visited with us when she could.

Jess comes to Chicago: October 2005
Melissa and I parted ways again in 2007, when I moved to Washington, following my wedding.  Melissa stayed in Chicago for another year and then headed back to the East Coast to get married.
My wedding: July 8, 2007
Melissa's wedding: May 31, 2008
It was right around the time of Melissa's wedding (May 2008) that the three of us agreed to try and see each other at least once a year for a girls' getaway.  We felt that we needed an annual friendship check-in, an opportunity to reconnect and to catch up in person.  In early 2009, (I believe) we also found out that Jess would be moving to Portland, OR for her residency following medical school.  I was elated to hear that news and delighted to have her on the West Coast and only 2 hours away!

Our first major girls' getaway was to sunny San Diego in early 2010.  We had a blast!
San Diego: January 2010
We were graced with Melissa's presence on the West Coast twice in 2011.  Melissa came to visit in February, to meet baby Evelyn and to explore Seattle and Portland.
Portland, OR: February 2011
In November, we celebrated Melissa's 30th birthday in the PNW.  We turned the celebration into a mini baby shower too, because she's expecting her first child in March!  It was a delightful and relaxing girls' weekend.  We treated ourselves to spa treatments at the Salish Lodge in WA (thanks to Joe for spending the day with Evelyn) and spent the remainder of our time lounging in our pajamas and laughing!  

Salish Lodge: November 2011
Wearing our matching knit hats (that I knit): Nov. 2011
It was sad to see Melissa go, but I pray we'll be together again for another wonderful girls' weekend in 2012.  We already know that there's a very special wedding in September 2012... Jess is getting married!!  So, 2012 is bound to be another exciting year: a new baby for Melissa, a wedding for Jess and who knows what God has in store for me!  I love you girls... more than you'll ever know!

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