Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's Backtrack A Bit (Part 1)

On Monday, May 20, Sam turned 5 months old.  Let's work back from there!

The previous weekend, our family took a road trip to visit our friends in Portland, OR.  What an adventure.  It was our first official road trip as a family of four and everyone made it through unscathed.  We hit a lot of traffic on Friday afternoon when we headed out, so the travel time was essentially doubled... hello to almost 5 hours in the car!  Evelyn hadn't napped earlier in the day (I was hoping she'd snooze in the car) but was happy enough to look out the window.  Sam was a great traveler too; he'll take a bottle of pumped milk (Evelyn never would).  I brought my trusty pump and fed him fresh bottles along the way.  Reaching a destination has never been more satisfying!

We had a lovely Friday evening with Jess and Jules and a fabulous Saturday that made all the car travel worthwhile.  We had some delicious meals, tasty beverages and a lot of laughs.  Saturday, J & J took us to the Portland Rhododendron Garden.  Evelyn had so much fun watching the ducklings and goslings scurrying after their mothers.  Jess and Jules... if you ever get time to squeeze reading this blog into your busy lives... thank you for a fabulous weekend!  We miss you and can't wait to see you again!

Someone must have proposed earlier in the day! 
The goslings were about Sam's size!
E hid behind Joe at first... she was timid
Goslings on the grass and ducklings on the dirt...
Joe, Evelyn and Jules
Jess. Evelyn, Sam and Rebecca

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