Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's Always Better When We're Together!

Well, I apologize again for not posting anything in March; I'll do my best to catch up with blogging in April.  We don't play much basketball in the Sosinski household but we did have a little taste of March Madness this year (just not in the basketball sense).  In March, we met Cora and our world turned upside down (in a good way)!  Three days a week, we become a family of four when Cora comes to spend her day with us!

Life with two baby girls under two is a wonderful madness, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  Evelyn and Cora are getting along remarkably well.  I was most concerned with how Evelyn would adjust (having to share my attention etc.), but she is really growing up before our eyes and seemingly happy with the arrangement!

On the first day we had Cora, Evelyn was only too happy to show her the door (saying, "Cora... OUT!"). Now she wakes from naps looking for Cora and remembers her in her prayers at night!  The girls are surely forming a friendship and bond with each other.  Here are a few photos from Cora's first days at our house!
Evelyn and Cora- Day 1
Evelyn made "cupcakes" for Cora
Evelyn reading the Foot Book to Cora
Happy 8 Month Birthday, Cora!
Evelyn decorated Cora's Birthday crown! 
Both ladies sporting party crowns and shirts that read, "Too Cute!"

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