Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a ROAR of a time this Halloween!  Evelyn was old enough to get out and enjoy some real trick-or-treating (last year she was in bed before trick-or treating had even begun)!

Several years back, one of Joe's co-workers made costumes for many of the people in Joe's office.  She made a very impressive lion costume for Joe and he was able to wear it again this Halloween.  I found a little lion costume for Evelyn and I was a safari sight-seer (I wanted to be a lion tamer but didn't have the tux and top hat)!  We added a little sparkly goodness to Evelyn's costume- gold glitter shoes, but they turned out to be more of a walking hazard than a fashion statement (they were a size too big).  The upside of putting Evelyn in shoes that were a little large was that she couldn't run away as we were trick-or-treating.  Instead, Joe dutifully carried her everywhere.

We trick-or-treated with our good friends (Joe, Anna and Gus) and had dinner with Anna's family following the Halloween festivities.  It was a really fun evening.  Evelyn loved getting treats and helped herself to a Tootsie Roll Pop before we finished trick-or-treating!

A Canadian, "Elf," a dinosaur, Daddy Lion and Baby Lion and a Lady on Safari

A very pensive little lion

Two of the biggest trick-or-treaters ever...

In hot pursuit of candy

It's more fun to ride on Daddy's shoulders

On the road again

The purple dinosaur must have said something funny

A lion and dinosaur sharing secrets

Best Buddies

Doing the lion dance

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