Monday, October 17, 2011

When fall comes, you go to Spooner's!

In October of 2006, I came out to WA to visit my then fiance, Joe!  I stayed with a couple Joe knew from work and Joe and I went on several dates over the weekend.  Perhaps the most memorable adventure was our trip with that couple, to the pumpkin patch.  The couple came from Michigan originally, and when they moved to Washington, they searched high and low for a "proper" pumpkin patch.  They searched for a pumpkin patch that boasted not only pumpkin picking in the fall, but a farm that also had apple picking, hayrides and corn mazes.  They were familiar with all of these autumn traditions in Michigan and I had very similar experiences from fall in New England.  The couple were thrilled to introduce us to Spooner's Farm, the local farm they found in WA, that most resembled the cider mills and farms of Michigan and Massachusetts.

And so it began, every year, for the last 6 years, Joe and I have visited this pumpkin patch. We've managed to take pictures every year but one (figures, the year we were married...2007, our camera broke on our honeymoon, so we didn't have a picture on the farm from that year).  Since October of 2009, we have made our annual trip with our close friends, the Mauss' and Skillman's.  It's been so much fun to watch how we have all changed through the years!

October 2006

October 2008- Joe won a giant pumpkin (he hit a target using the pumpkin catapult and tiny pumpkins)

October 2008- We introduced our friend Jess (from MA) to Spooner's

October 2009: First Annual Mauss, Skillman, Sosinski Family Outing at Spooners

October 2009- Only about 6 weeks pregnant with Evelyn!

October 2009: Avila looking in the chicken coop

October 2010: Evelyn (about 3 and a half months old). Joe was on remote for work and couldn't come.

Kristine and Max, Anna (Gus... about two weeks shy of being born) and Joe Skillman

October 2010: Evelyn was NOT happy to see chickens!

Second trip to Spooner's in October 2010.  This time Joe came too!

October 2010: Evelyn and Joe

October 2011: Annual Spooner's Trip with the Mauss and Skillman Families

Avila, Max, Evelyn, Gus and Anna (holding Gus up!)

October 2011: The Sosinski's!

October 2011: Evelyn (now almost 16 months), hard at work!

October 2011: Posing outside the corn maze

October 2011: Group photo gets harder every year!!  Say cheese!

October 2011

Playing in the tiny gourds!

Gus, Max and Evelyn with Avila in the background... all standing just where she was all alone (2 years earlier)

Friends in the hay

Struggling to pick up a pumpkin

Evelyn with Daddy
Can't wait for next year's trip to Spooner's!

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