Monday, August 1, 2011

You Blink and It's August!

Time is racing by!!  Last time I posted, I was recovering from Evelyn's first birthday (June 25)!  My birthday was yesterday(July 31st); our birthdays are a just over a month apart and it felt like only a few days had passed!  All day I couldn't get over how quickly the month of July passed by.  My 29th birthday came without any warning!  I flipped the calendar this morning, and was still in disbelief when I read "August."

So, I figured it was about time I posted again to catch you up on all our recent adventures and all the delightful events that have caused summer days to run away unnoticed!  Pictures to come!

July (also known as "Major Birthday Month") went something like this (some items will need additional posts to explain all the happenings!

July 1-July 8: Utah with the family (yes, both sides of the family)!!  Such wonderful memories!

July 2: My niece (and Goddaughter's) 3rd birthday!! Happy Birthday, Kylie!

July 8: Our 4th Anniversary... crazy!

July 12: Began weaning Evelyn off her nighttime feeding (this started in Utah when she was sleeping through the night because she was so tired from busy days)

July 15- July 17: Lake Chelan with the Skillman's (Don't ask Joe about the weather!)- great fun!!

July 19: Evelyn starts sleeping through the night regularly!  YAY!

July 21: My mom's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mom!

July 22: Evelyn started taking only one nap consistently and by default I was able to wean her off of her second daytime nursing.

July 29: Started weaning Evelyn off of her nap time nursing.

July 26-July 30: meetings, events, get togethers or functions every evening!!  (Going away dinner for Dykstra's- we will miss them dearly, golf tournament meeting for IIY, HOA board meeting, and a BBQ with Mauss' and Skillman's, to name a few).

July 31:  My birthday.  Evelyn only nursed before bed on Saturday and on my birthday... no more day time nursing.

In addition to the birthdays I wrote above, we have friends or family with birthdays on the following days in July: July 1, 4, 5, 10, 14, 15, 19, 23, 24!  Happy Birthday to all of you!!  I'd say July qualifies as a major birthday month!

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